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Welcome to my website. As we begin a new nine weeks, this is a time for self-examination and new goals. Students in all my classes are facing new challenges, and everyone has the opportunity to succeed!

British Literature classes are studying works from the Middle Ages, and we are currently reading from The Canterbury Tales. Students will soon begin work on the second component of the Keystone project.

American Literature classes are reading Miller's The Crucible and will begin working on the second component of the Cornerstone project. 

AP Literature students are reading Frankenstein  and continuing the thematic unit of good vs. evil. In the meantime, students analyze poetry and short fiction, and prepare for the AP test this May.

Extra-Credit Opportunity: Due Oct. 31

DAR Christopher Columbus Essay Contest

Topic: Imagine you have been chosen to join Christopher Columbus' crew as he sets out for the New World. What are your thoughts and feelings as you prepare for this potentially hazardous mission? What skills do you possess that are essential to your success and survival? Why do you want to go on this voyage and what do you hope to gain from this experience?

Length: 800 to 1200 words

Format: Typed TNR12 See me for requirements for title page.

Bibliography: You must list in MLA format all sources used. Any information copied without quotation marks will result in disqualification. 

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