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Exam Study Guide List
This is extra-credit to submit with definitions in your own handwriting before taking your exam.

I am offering a final extra credit option for students. Students will write a 250-300 word essay, turn in a typed version, and email it to me by Wed. May 14. Students will revise their essays as needed for submission to Teen Ink magazine before extra-credit is awarded. The topics are What Matters, Pride and Prejudice, and Community Service.

All Capstone papers must be turned in on the assigned due date at the beginning of the student's class period. There are no exceptions, and this rule includes all appointments that the student knew about in advance. To be fair to all students, there must be a single due date. In addition, students may earn extra points by turning in completed work a full 24 hours in advance. Students are responsible for printing their own papers and submitting them to Edmodo.

In order for all students to have the opportunity to master the skills involved in writing a literary criticism, those students who did not complete Capstone Two research will be using a class set of sources to complete the Capstone Three research paper. These source materials will be available at select times during class, at tutoring, and linked to the Capstone page of this website for printing/viewing at home. Students' thesis statement will revolve around the interplay of light and dark, good and evil, and hero and monster in Beowulf.

Senior Capstone Project

The Capstone Project is designed to help students prepare for college, career school, and the job market by teaching research skills, improving writing skills, and challenging students to complete a long-term project. The seniors have almost completed writing annotated bibliographies!
The next steps are:
  • Using information from their notecards, students will create an outline for their paper.
  • In class, students will write the rough draft of the paper.
  • Students will be responsible for typing their papers in MLA format.
  • Papers will be submitted in hard copy and electronically.

Alpha Autobiography

In class, students are writing an alpha autobiography. This work consists of writing about memories or events focusing on the letters of the alphabet. For example, if I were to write my "Y" entry, I would describe my trips to Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks. This project is designed to improve students' narrative writing skills by allowing them to expand on topics already familiar to them. By the end of this project, each student should have a stronger writing voice.